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Now you do not have to pay for art! It is enough to give the artist any useful gift.

 tickets for metro, trams e t.c. top-up cards for mobile phone a little backpack a case for iPhone 5s a glass repair on iPhone 5s a new iPhone 5s, 6, 7 or even newer a tablet or e–book a health insurance a pack of ground coffee (not 3 in 1) tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes rice, buckwheat, pasta sausage, cheese, canned meat, condensed milk milk, kefirchik, yogurt or kurt green tea, mate or normal tea bread, croissants or pizza pistachios, almonds, walnuts and other nuts detergents, moisturizing, protecting acrylic painting, black and white Chinese, Indian or British VISA A4 paper pack a ticket to a theater, a museum or a mausoleum coupon for a barber shop, sauna or massage an acoustic or electric guitar a bicycle, a moped or a hoverboard a motorcycle, a car or a bus a boat, a yacht or a ship a house, a cottage or a village a plot of land or an island in the ocean

 a big tart with cream (so nice to travel with) a portrait (I'm sure you need one) a keychain (you must have a lot of keys and for sure them all are without keychains) a pen (that's all I have) a chocolate (so good instead of dinner) a flashlight (I have an extra one, you know there is nothing to do without a flashlight today) some candies, caramel or fruit drops (take three times a day instead of eating) a heavy hardcover book (for sure there is a lot of extra space in your backpack) a cute ceramic ashtray with a city name (may be you'll start smoking one day) a hefty teddy bear or a donkey (he will follow you everywhere) a beautiful painting in a gilded frame with stucco (you know) a dumbbell or a weight of 12 kg (do not forget to keep you in a good shape) a photograph (just put it somewhere) an empty wallet (you can live without money but I believe you need at least a wallet) an expired driving license (so romantic)






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