to dress up

Do you want a painting? There is nothing easier than getting it: just grab an old sweater from your closet or go to a fashion boutique for a fancy one. It’s just you to decide what the artist deserve to receive in exchange for the painting. A new brilliant suit? A second-hand t–shirt? No matter — the portrait will be done.

    real jeansa true jacketa designer t-shirta striped vesta checked shirta wool sweatera bohemian scarfa warm hatan amazing coatknitted glovesa gorgeous hatfancy sneakersleather glovesexcellent shoesstylish pantsa soft bathrobe

    a magnificent dressa soft mesh braa charming blousea beautiful skirtan elegant swimsuita matchless underwearan amazing hata posh shawlelegant shoesa stunning cloaka fur coata modest gowna kitchen aprona paint coverall





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