to gift

 bus/train tickets to the next destination a bottle of a good wine a big pack of cashew nuts for the trip tickets for metro, trams e t.c. top-up cards for mobile phone a good little backpack a case for iPhone 5s a glass repair on iPhone 5s a new iPhone 6, 7 or even newer a tablet or e–book a health insurance a coupon for a barber shop, sauna or massage a bicycle, a moped or a hoverboard a motorcycle, a car or a bus a boat, a yacht or a ship a house, a cottage or a village a plot of land or an island in the ocean

 a big tart with cream (so nice to travel with) a portrait (I'm sure you need one) a plastic pen or a keychain (that's all I have) a flashlight (I have an extra one, you know there is nothing to do without a flashlight today) some candies, caramel or fruit drops (take it three times a day instead of food) a cute ceramic ashtray with a city name (may be you'll start smoking one day) a hefty teddy bear or a donkey (he will follow you everywhere)