Write a letter – get your portrait!

To participate in the “In Kind Exchange” project, you can just come in place of the action with any useful gift. But to ensure that you receive a portrait and not get into a long line, you are requested to complete a preliminary application by selecting the most relevant things from the list. It is very simple:

 for a breakfast in a cafe for a breakfast in a railway station bar for a breakfast on the grass for a breakfast at my home for a breakfast at the neighbor for a lunch in a self-service buffet for a lunch in a good place for a lunch in a strange place for a lunch in a fast food place for a dinner in restaurant for a dinner at taverna for a dinner at my home for a dinner at the infamous place to try local street–food for a beer in a pub for a cocktail in a bar for a glass of wine at my home in the barber shop (I think you have to do this) for a massage for a sauna to theatre to museum to the mausoleum

 I'll give you a lift with my car to the next town of your route I'll pick you up by yacht next to the city of your route I'll send you by horse to the next town of your route I'll give you a bicycle I'll drop you anywhere within the city I present you public transport tickets I present you bus tickets I present you train tickets I present you plane tickets I present you tickets for the ferry I present you a trip with bla–bla car

 meat, vegetables, milk or just tomatoes local food local drinks cans, sausages, corn, peas or something like this (it's food too) instant noodles (not very healthy, but sometimes it helps) buckwheat or other serials (more useful than instant noodles) flakes or muesli (and then milk, yogurt or kefir) almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pistachios or other nuts (proteins) fresh tomatoes, cucumbers or bananas (vitamins) a peace of bread (and if I like the portrait, a couple of croissants) macaroni, spaghetti, rice or lentils (if you have a place to cook) water, juice, beer, wine and whiskey (do not mix) ground coffee, tea pickled or salted cucumbers (!) a coupon for a buffet or a check in the restaurant cleaning, moisturizing and protecting things paper for watercolor sketches, A3-A4 (if it's about to finish) a local SIM card (if not already presented) mobile payment card from a local operator a case for iPhone 5S (I know, constantly falls to the floor) a charge for Macbook 11 '2012 (yeah, it's a bullshit) new battery for Macbook 11 '2012 new MacBook (it's a pleasure) e-book reader or tablet (no one has presented yet?) envelope with money (if you don't need it so give it to your daughter) a gift for your daughter (what she needs) a gift for your mother (do not forget the family) health insurance for a month (a useful thing) health insurance for six months (more useful than the one for a month) medical insurance for a year (enjoy!) toilet water (of course, only Cacharel pour Homme) a local urban transport ticket a lift by taxi or Uber a hotel room (even with breakfast) a night in a hostel package tour all inclusive (you must try it!) a worldwide cruise (we'll discuss the details) theater ticket / bath / museum / massage / laundry / etc. a motorbike a bicycle a hat Jeans (size W28 L32) a box of black socks, size 42 sunglasses shipping for your gifts to Russia (5-7 kg) a new external hard drive or USB flash drive your hard drive reparation a ticket to somewhere a car (every artist must have a car) a yacht (every artist must have a yacht) a house (I hope you need it) an island (you will like it)

 big tart with cream (so nice to travel with) portrait (I'm sure you need one) keychain (you must have a lot of keys and for sure them all are without keychains) a pen (that's all I have) a chocolate (so good instead of dinner) flashlight (I have an extra one, you know there is nothing to do without a flashlight today) candies, caramel or fruit drops (take three times a day instead of eating) a heavy hardcover book (for sure there is a lot of extra space in your backpack) pink female coat with sequins (why not?) a cute clay ashtray with a city name (may be you'll start smoking one day) a hefty teddy bear or a donkey (he will follow you everywhere) a beautiful painting in a gilded frame with stucco (you know) a dumbbell or a weight of 12 kg (do not forget to keep you in a good shape) a photograph (just put it somewhere) an empty wallet (you can live without money but I believe you need at least a wallet) an expired driving license (so romantic)

* If you do not see your city:

Please check, if it is marked on the route of the World Trip Money Free. If not, you can invite the artist to your city.

** You can choose several points as well as only one point. You will receive a portrait, regardless of the value of the gift.

World Trip. Next part of the In Kind Exchange project.

View Money free trip. Портрет на кругосвет. in a larger map
In January 2013 I’m going to make World trip money free. All I need (from food to tickets), I’m planning to receive in exchange for the portraits that I’m going to do for everybody who takes part in “In Kind Exchange”. The main point of the project is that anyone can get the piece of art of the artist for a response gift, the cost doesn’t matter. As a gift, can be offered anything from the list of useful things or be a part of particular artist theme. It takes 5-10 minutes to create a portrait. In one day in the project can participate 15-20 people.
“In Kind Exchange” can be held in your city. >>>>>>>