Write a letter – get your portrait!

To participate in the “In Kind Exchange” project, you can just come in place of the action with any useful gift. But to ensure that you receive a portrait and not get into a long line, you are requested to complete a preliminary application by selecting the most relevant things from the list. It is very simple:

 breakfast in a cafe breakfast in a bed breakfast at my neighbor place breakfast in the railway station buffet breakfast on the grass lunch in a fast-food place lunch in a good place lunch at McDonald's lunch on delivery dinner at a restaurant dinner at my home dinner in a very strange place breakfast / lunch / dinner, cooked by myself

 I'll pick you up with my car to the next destination on your map I'll pick you up with my bike to the next destination on your map I'll pick you up with my boat to the next destination on your map I'll pick you up with my horse to the next destination on your map I present you train tickets I present you airline tickets I present you ship tickets I present you bus tickets

 subway/bus/taxi ticket food for take away some drinks credit for your mobile calls ticket to theatre/cinema/massage/sauna train ticket Moscow — Voronezh any train ticket you need any airline ticket you need UK visa USA visa medical assurance exterior hard-drive a charger for macbook macbook pro local sim card with 3G anything you want

* If you do not see your city:
Please check, if it is marked on the route of the World Trip Money Free. If not, you can invite the artist to your city.
    ** You can check several points: the artist and to feed and help with the road, and something to give, but you can vybart and only one thing. You will receive a portrait, regardless of the value of the gift.
*** The little note, you can specify the details (eg, time and address of pelmeni serving dinner), ask questions (such as the date w / train tickets or model bulldozer), write briefly about yourself or anything else.

World Trip. Next part of the In Kind Exchange project.

View Money free trip. Портрет на кругосвет. in a larger map
In January 2013 I’m going to make World trip money free. All I need (from food to tickets), I’m planning to receive in exchange for the portraits that I’m going to do for everybody who takes part in “In Kind Exchange”. The main point of the project is that anyone can get the piece of art of the artist for a response gift, the cost doesn’t matter. As a gift, can be offered anything from the list of useful things or be a part of particular artist theme. It takes 5-10 minutes to create a portrait. In one day in the project can participate 15-20 people.
“In Kind Exchange” can be held in your city. >>>>>>>